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We can definitely get used to this pairing.

Lupe Fiasco and TDE’s Ab-Soul offer up a new sinister collaboration. Following the release of “$nitches & $nitches 2 (30s),” Lupe releases “Thorns & Horns.”

“I’m the heir apparent from a pair of parents/ Taught me that sharin’s carin’ so I spread the bread out/That’s what I need/To get in heaven that’s when I bleed, get in hell when I breathe…/Get it? Inhale, when I breathe/Maybe you’ll get it when I breathe, there’s levels to this shit,” raps Lupe. 

It’s been a long process, but Lupe Fiasco is currently readying his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth, due out sometime this year. Take a listen to Lupe and Ab’s new cut down under.


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