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Kelis is back bossier and saucier than ever.

The songstress and ex-wife of Nas covers The Guardian’s latest March issue, just in time for the April release of her sixth album Food. After her divorce in 2009, it seemed as if Kelis went MIA from the entertainment industry, however, she was actually just focusing her efforts elsewhere.

In November 2013, Kelis graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School. She’s now intertwined her love for both food and music as inspiration for her upcoming album, and snagged her own show on the Cooking Channel called Saucy and Sweet along the way.

Kelis spoke openly to The UK’s Guardian about her music career, admiration for food, and her turbulent divorce. Check out some excerpts below.

On her desire to make music:

“After Kelis Was Here I was done,” she says of her 2006 album, the catalyst for the label battle. “I was like, ‘I will never put out another record again, I hate this business, I hate all these people.’ I was in this race that I didn’t even realise that I was in. I woke up and ten years had passed. That was never my plan. My desire was never to put out albums, it was to do musical theatre!”

On her love of food:

“I realised that there was something else that I adored,” she continues, chewing down another mouthful. “There’s a point where you think, ‘What else will I do if I don’t do music?’

On her divorce:

“I’ve been divorced for almost five years; it’s over, I’m over it….I’m not living that life now. I’m super-content and at peace.”

On her future aspirations:

“I might make another album. I might make 10 more albums. I might never make another album again. It depends on how the mood suits me.” She scrunches up her napkin and levels with me. “I’m not declaring retirement but I’m just saying that I don’t have any musical ambitions any more.”

SOURCE: The Guardian Guide | Instagram

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