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There may be hope for all of you out there asking Oprah to adopt you via Twitter…just kidding. But she may give you the clothes off her back if you come correct.

Oprah did one of her many good deeds back on Valentine’s Day, when one of her Twitter followers sent her a simple tweet asking her for the Brian Rennie for Basler gown she wore on the March cover of Essence Magazine. 

We’re sure it was in hopes of Oprah seeing the tweet, but without the intention of actually getting the dress. However, the exchange that came next was truly an act of grace on Oprah’s part. Check out the tweet correspondence below:

Brandi got a rapid response from Oprah and received the dress within two weeks of asking. Her plans for it? She’s not going to throw it on eBay to make a buck, she plans on getting married in it – one day at least.

Social media sometimes brings us stupid drama, but other times can actually connect some beautiful fibers.