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We all know that America is obsessed with Scandal these days, but according to Jimmy Kimmel, so is the rest of the world!

On last night’s episode of his talk show, the host blessed us with the second episode of ‘Escandalo’ – the spanish version of “Scandal” – and Kerry Washington and the rest of the cast were hilarious.

He explained to the audience:

“Some American shows became very popular around the world and Scandal is one of them.A number of foreign versions of ‘Scandal’ are airing around the globe the best of which, in my opinion, is the Spanish-language version ‘Escandálo.’ In most foreign adaptations of shows they’ll replace the actors with local actors, but ‘Escándalo’ features the original cast of ‘Scandal’. It premiered last week, it was a big hit and I’m happy to present episode numero dos of the hottest show on the planet Earth, ‘Escándalo.”‘

Check it out above! This is seriously just something you have to see for yourself. 

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