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A 26-year-old mother in New Hampshire has been arrested after she left her children home alone and they walked in the cold to the police to ask for a ride to school.

According to WGME, the children of Katarina Short, who age 5, 4, and 1, were forced to walk through freezing cold conditions to the police station. When they arrived, the children knocked on the door in the early morning to ask police staff for a ride to school.

Short was apparently away from her kids for two whole hours while she reportedly ran an errand.

The outlet reports that the oldest son, who is 5, took care of himself and his siblings while they made their journey to the headquarters, and dressed both of his siblings before they headed out.

An authority source told the site:

We are very proud of him and kind of joked that he’s five probably going on fifteen for being able to take care of his siblings the way that he did,’ Drury told WGME. ‘Getting them dress getting their boots on and a jacket and trying to get to school.’

There was surveillance footage captured of the kids standing outside in the cold, and then talking to an officer inside.

While they were given a clean bill of health after the paramedics examined them, the Police Chief did say the one-year-old looked to be of a concern:

‘The 1-year-old had some redness on her hands and probably an early onset of frostbite,’

Katarina Short eventually showed up at the station, where she was arrested and booked. The children were turned over to state officials, and will stay in foster care until her arraignment on March 18th.

We pray for the safety of these children and hope that this mother learns her lesson. To see the pictures, click here.


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