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The Ukraine crisis has not only continued, it’s worsened considerably.

According to Reuters, about 60 unidentified military trucks have taken the streets of Crimea, where warning shots have been fired off.

While many believe that the trucks belong to Russia, being that they seem to have Russian markings, the country has denied it.

The site reports:

Crimea’s pro-Moscow authorities have ordered all remaining Ukrainian troop detachments in the province to disarm and surrender, but at several locations they have refused to yield.

Moscow denies that the Russian-speaking troops in Crimea are under its command, an assertion Washington dismisses as “Putin’s fiction”. Although they wear no insignia, the troops drive vehicles with Russian military plates.

A Reuters reporting team filmed a convoy of hundreds of Russian troops in about 50 troop trucks, accompanied by armored vehicles and ambulances, which pulled into a military base north of Simferopol in broad daylight on Saturday.

There has also been fear that informant Edward Snowden might be feeding Russia information that could be damaging to the U.S.

The Head of Defense Intelligence Agency told NPR that Russia might have access to top secret U.S. intelligence, and Snowden could be behind it.

He said in a statement:

‘If I’m concerned about anything, I’m concerned about defense capabilities that he may have stolen from where he worked, and does that knowledge then get into the hands of our adversaries — in this case, of course, Russia.”

‘We really don’t know’ what Snowden’s got, Flynn said.

‘we have to assume the worst case and then begin to make some recommendations to our leadership about how do we mitigate some of the risks that may come from what may have been compromised,’

He also mentioned that if Russia had any U.S. intelligence, that it would turn out to be very “serious.”

Meanwhile, American mercenaries might have already invaded the streets of the Ukraine, as unidentified armed men were spotted.

In a video, an onlooker can be heard screaming “Blackwater! Blackwater!” as they jog through the streets.

The Daily Mail reports:

Both the videos which purport to show ‘Blackwater’ mercenaries in Donetsk were uploaded last Monday, with their descriptions written in Russian.

The context of the videos is not clear, but it appears that the armed men had turned up at a street protest against the new regime. They wander around brandishing their weapons before suddenly fleeing the scene as passers-by shout ‘Blackwater! Blackwater!’

The purpose of the mercenaries’ presence would be to prop up the new pro-western government.

We pray for those in the Ukraine right now, and hope that peace can be reached.

SOURCE: ReutersNPRDaily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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