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Looks like Michael Dunn will need another lawyer when he’s tried for murder one again in a state retrial.

According to the Florida Times Union, his original defense attorney, Cory Strolla, has withdrawn as attorney for Dunn because he is broke and can no longer afford him.

On Monday attorney Cory Strolla withdrew as Dunn’s lawyer because Dunn is broke and can no longer pay him. Waffa Hanania with the Office of Regional Conflict Counsel was appointed as Dunn’s new lawyer.

Dunn stood trial last month for the murder of Jordan Davis, but was later convicted of attempted murder of the the other three teens at the murder scene. A mistrial was decided after the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict for the murder of Jordan Davis.

Strolla will continue to represent Dunn during his sentencing for previous charges, but Hanania will represent Dunn in the retrial.

The Public Defender’s Office was prepared to represent Dunn, but was removed after discovering that they represented witness from the case on previous charges.

SOURCE: Florida Times Union | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout