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Oh, Miley!

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus really knows how to make our jaws drop, but most recently its her jaw that’s doing the dropping – not ours – and in a very provocative way.

While wearing a hot dog costume yesterday, the former Disney star was seen doing what she loves to do most – stick her tongue out, of course – and it made for a pretty funny picture, especially because of her caption.

Miles already had our attention with the outfit, but on top of that she captioned the photo:


No, the madness didn’t end there. After Cosmo Magazine asked our girl a few questions on Twitter, Miley surprisingly responded to the publication… and with gems about sex, no less.

She tweeted some of her best advice:

When asked about using sex toys and having a battery pack on tour, she responded:

One thing we can say about Miley is that she never fails to entertain!