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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose make it very clear: life for them is all about their son, Sebastian.

Amber even admitted it was hard for her to spend a day away from her little man, and she’s among a bunch of mothers who just can’t pull away from their babies. Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example, she must hold the record for most paparazzi pictures walking her daughters to school.

Jay Z and Blue Ivy stay with the matching ice grills, and Simon Cowell tends to the puppies while his baby mama feeds their bundle of joy on the beach.

The paparazzi aren’t all bad, even if Yeezy had to do a day in jail. Sometimes they capture the very best parental moments on camera and show that celebrities make for amazing parents.

Check out the very best celebrity parenting moments in our gallery below.


32 Celebrity Parents In Action (PHOTOS)
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