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Justin Timberlake dropped his latest video, “Not A Bad Thing,” via one of his besties, Ellen DeGeneres.

Justin gushed about his wife, Jessica Biel, to Ellen not too long ago. So it was no surprise he shared his latest love-filled video with her talk show before anyone else. Right before premiering the video in front of the Ellen audience, the Emmy-award winning host said:

“The video is based on the true story of a guy that proposes to his girlfriend a few weeks ago on a train and he used this song. But Justin hasn’t been able to find the couple. So this video is actually a search for them.”

JT is known for some epic love songs (“Mirrors” ) but this is perhaps the most heartfelt, real, and touching video of his, and he’s not even in it! “Not A Bad Thing” follows a group of people dedicated to finding this NYC storybook couple who got engaged on a Long Island Railroad train while playing this song. Amidst the search are interviews with various couples – African-American, Caucasian, interracial, homosexual, young, and old – who share their experiences with love.

“I think it’s a very brave thing to look for love, to fall in love, and to ask someone to love you back,” says one woman. “Six years later, engaged! You see the ring!?” says another woman sitting next to her fiance as she flashes her ***flawless diamond Beyonce-style.

Watch the entire “Not A Bad Thing” video to get all in your feelings and see whether or not they find the couple. And if you’re wondering, you can find “Not A Bad Thing” on JT’s The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 album.


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