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This is just downright cruel.

During freezing temperatures on Sunday night, a six-month-old baby was abandoned in a stroller at the Renaissance Playground in Harlem, NYC. But thanks to some quick thinking, Harlem resident Marcus Allen jumped into action to save the bundle of joy.

According to Gothamist, Allen, a single father of three, was closing his bedroom window when he spotted a stroller in the park. He immediately ran downstairs and into the park, where he spotted the unattended baby.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I needed to come closer to see what was really going on. I don’t know what [the parents] intentions were. All I know is that when I looked out that window, that child was there, and I just couldn’t imagine who would leave their child out there that way.”

The baby was dressed in warm clothes and seemed to be unharmed. Allen flagged down firefighters who took the child to the hospital. Allen says he’s no hero, but would love to visit ‘Little Sunday” in the hospital.

“I’m going to see Little Sunday. I got a Teddy Bear the kids are going to give me and then I’ll be on my way to see him.”

We’re thrilled the baby is in good condition and kudos to Mr. Allen for his quick thinking. So far, the parents of the child remain unidentified.

SOURCE: Gothamist  | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.