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Machine Gun Kelly dropped some heat on Shade 45, Eminem‘s hip-hop station on Sirius XM Radio.

DJ Whoo Kid, one of the station’s regular DJs, debuted this new MGK freestyle, titled “State of Mind,” on his show.

Over Cam’ron and Jay Z‘s “Welcome to New City” beat, MGK raps about being the latest and greatest in the game, breaking bread with Hov, and running up in Interscope Records and leaving with seven figures. The Bad Boy also points out that his talent and success make him the “motherf*ckin’ n*gga” without actually saying the latter word. Good one, MGK.

With music showcasing his comical side (“Mind of a Stoner” featuring Wiz Khalifa) as well as his serious side (“Halo”), Machine Gun Kelly is really proving himself to be a well-rounded newcomer in the game who deserves some more recognition.

“State of Mind” is said to be on DJ Whoo Kid’s upcoming N Word Bond Project and you can check it out below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Suzanne Tenner

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