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Someone in Baltimore just caught the lick of the century.

On Sunday, March 16th, at around 5 am, someone stole a truck containing 2,142 cases of the cognac Hennessy from a business in Dundalk, Baltimore County.

According to the Baltimore Sun’s blotter:

“At around 5 a.m. March 16, someone entered a fenced-in lot in the 7000 block of Quad Avenue through an unlocked employee entrance and took the truck, according to a police report. The person then hooked up the truck to a chassis that was carrying a cargo container, which was filled with the cases of cognac.”

F.P. Winner LTD., the truck’s owner, told Baltimore police that the cognac was worth $514,000, which comes out to about $22 a bottle.

Winner LTD’s truck was recovered yesterday, and guess what? The cognac was all gone. Corporal John Wacher, a Baltimore County police spokesman, says: “It’s probably the highest dollar amount of liquor [stolen] during my career.”

Hey, cognac thieves, if you’re reading this: where’s the party and are we invited?

SOURCE: CityPaper, BaltimoreSun

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