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Protest At Ground Zero

Today in “Stories from Florida,” we finally know who will take over the ridiculous, racist, discriminative Westboro Baptist Church, and we have a tale of a Florida man who got caught having sex in a Walgreens by a 6-year-old.

Yep, that happened.

Full Circle

Talk about a perfect match.

Florida man Steve Drain, a University of South Florida alumnus, might be taking over Westboro Baptist Church following the death of the hate-loving church’s founder.

Drain, a former atheist who once set out to expose the hate-mongering church, became enamored with Westboro and became one of Fred Phelps Sr.’s closest disciples. Drain even moved his family to Topeka, Kansas to join the congregation.

The report says that when Drain, who hails from Tampa, joined the church, he almost immediately rose up the ranks into Westboro’s inner circle. He has since played a major role in producing videos for the church, and is credited for the design of the church’s infamous “God Hates” signs.

But Nate Phelp, son of founder Fred Phelp, isn’t so sure Drain has the best of intentions.

Phelps Sr.’s son, Nate, however, believes Drain is responsible for having his father excommunicated from Westboro before his death. According to a story by The Daily Beast, Drain had originally set out to film an anti-Westboro Baptist Church documentary tilted Hatemongers in 2001. The film’s intention was to expose WBC’s hatred towards gays. But he soon became close to Phelps Sr.

On the other hand, we’re not sure you can ever have good intentions when you’re a member of this church. Read more here…[NewTimes]

Condoms In Aisle 6

Florida police arrested 24-year-old Christopher Mahurin earlier this week for having sex in a Walgreens bathroom – and they have a 6-year-old girl to thank.

Mahurin was having sex with his girlfriend when the little girl walked in on the nude couple.

Mahurin pushed the girl towards the door when she began to scream, police said. But when her father heard the yelling, he burst into the bathroom and grabbed the girl. Cops arrived a short time later and found Mahurin and Frey sitting in a car parked in the lot outside the drugstore. The couple later admitted that they were having sex in the stall before the little girl walked into the bathroom.

Mahurin was charged with lewd exhibition and indecent exposure in public and battery. He was being held in Polk County Jail on Monday. Read about it here…[NYDailyNews]


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