On Thursday, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted for charges stemming from a disturbing video that surfaced last month (above), in which he appears to be manhandling his unconscious fiancée in an Atlantic City elevator.

As we previously reported, the NFL star was charged with third-degree aggravated assault and faces three to five years in jail if convicted. In a sudden turn of events, however, the he’s married his fiancée who, again, appears unconscious in the footage.

According to recent reports, the pair put a rush on their wedding and got married yesterday following his indictment. TMZ reports:

“According to ESPN … Rice and Palmer tied the knot Friday in a ceremony that had been planned for a couple of weeks.”

Though it appears as though they married so that they wouldn’t be forced to testify against one another, the site reports that, that’s a non-issue because spousal privilege isn’t applicable in this case.

TMZ explains:

“In New Jersey, (and many other states) spousal privilege does NOT apply if the alleged crime was committed against your spouse.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this extremely bizarre case.


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