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Let it be clear: Iggy Azalea gets what Iggy Azalea wants.

Opening up to The New York Times about her love for the fashion industry, both Iggy and her stylist, Jason Rembert, dished on what it’s like getting a blonde Australian-born rapper to be taken seriously by designers, and according to Iggy, it’s all about being strategic with your style choices.

“I know how to play the game and get what I want…Do you think what I wore to the Chloé show would really be something that I would wear? No. I picked the outfit out myself, because I know it’s appropriate and I know how to pander. I know what Chloé looks like, and being that I want to appease Chloé, because I would like some Chloé, I’m going to do my best job to be Chloe.”

Jason, who also styles Rita Ora and Ciara, says that in order for his client Iggy to build a name in fashion, she also has to be careful about the brands she aligns herself with.

“I’m very selective of the brands I introduce her to because sometimes aligning with a premium brand, one that has a really strong look, can hurt your client…It becomes not about your client’s style and all about the designer.”

Clearly Jason and the 23-year-old rapper are a match made in fashion heaven, because the industry is definitely taking note of Ms. Azalea’s look. Dressed in Emilio Pucci for the VH1 Divas event in 2012, the clothing line’s creative director, Peter Dundas, said that you couldn’t help but pay attention to the “Fancy” femcee’s look.

“It is impossible not to take notice and be excited by Iggy’s look…She is like the fab love child of a Vargas pinup and a gangsta rapper that makes great music.”

With a Wilhelmina modeling contract under her belt, a spot on both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar top 10 style stars to watch, and a women’s line that she tells the NY Times she’s working on with her music video stylist Alejandra Hernandez, it’s obvious that Ms. Azalea wants to be the it-girl in both music and fashion.

Check out more excerpts from Iggy’s story at The New York Times.


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