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If you’re wondering why one of the world’s favorite Wayans brothers is spoofing Paranormal Activity 4 in the freaky poster above, brace yourselves – A Haunted House 2 is back and funnier than ever.

The sequel to the hilarious box-office hit, starring Marlon Wayans as demon-fighting Malcolm, is everything our nightmares are made of and more. Malcolm is enjoying the comforts of beginning a new life with a new girlfriend, her two children, and a new home, but as fate would have it, old problems just seem to continuously resurrect themselves.

Once again, Malcolm must deal with extremely bizarre paranormal events and he does so with hilarious punch lines in a twisted plot that’s all inspired by the latest supernatural horror movies, including the likes of The Conjuring.

Check out the official parody poster above, the green and red band trailers below, and be sure to keep up with the latest by clicking here.

A Haunted House 2 hits theaters on April 18th! Be there and be scared.