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Earlier today, we were tickled to find out that Jay Z was following one person on Twitter – and it wasn’t Beyonce. It wasn’t any of his fan pages, it wasn’t Kanye West, it wasn’t even his good friend Memphis Bleek.

It was Jump-Off Joe Budden.

Last night, Joe Budden got into a conversation with Black Twitter about the Drake vs. Jay Z “beef,” mentioning that Drizzy is the silent assassin of hip-hop, quietly bodying some very good rappers.

That conversation must have gotten Hov’s attention, because he followed Joe Budden on the social media site. And only Joe Budden.

Of course, Jay Z unfollowed Joe later this afternoon, but this isn’t the first time he pulled this stunt with the New Jersey rapper.

Budden tweeted:

So for shits and giggles, we decided to come up with a bunch of reasons why Jay Z might want to follow Joe Budden on Twitter…

Because he was listening to “Pump It Up” for Throwback Thursday and was so moved by the tune, he decided to give him a follow.

Joe Budden finally completed all the tasks in order to become a member of the Illuminati.

He needed the follow in order to DM Joe Budden the proper instructions of “surf-boardting:”

Because Joe Budden gives the best advice on how to get women.

No, really he does.

Maybe Jay got into an argument with Beyonce.

And he really enjoys looking at all the booty pics Joe Budden posts.

He just wanted Joe to know he’s back there watching and listening.

He wanted to remind Joe Budden that even when he wins, Jay Z still really wins.

He just wanted to say “Hey!”

He wanted to vibe out with Joe and see if he’ll ghostwrite his reply to Drake.

Beyonce did it to prank Jay Z for their anniversary tomorrow.

Why do you think Jay is Twitter phucking with Joe Budden?


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