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Fellas, brace yourselves!

Nicki Minaj is keeping us all on our toes when it comes to her upcoming album The Pink Print, which is set to hit shelves later this year, but in addition to the album, she’s also dangling her incomparable sex appeal over our heads – what a tease!

The Pink Friday rapper has toned down her look immensely over the past few months, ditching the colorful wigs and bold outfits and embracing her au naturale locks. Still, some things don’t change, as she never stops going hard in the paint when it comes to showing off her unbelievable curves.

But we’re not complaining.

Last night, Nicki posted the above photo on Instagram, in which she’s seductively posing in front of a mirror and obviously, it immediately caught our attention. Looking back at her infamous booty, that we can’t get enough of, YMCMB’s Barbie Boss is decked out in her usual – Moschino.

Nicki captioned the photo:

Back at it

That’s funny, seeing as she’s looking “back at it” and she was also most likely getting back to the “Senile” video shoot she and the gang started a few weeks ago, where she rocked the same Moschino gear.

We can’t lie – Nicki’s curves are killing us softly. Revel in her flawlessness and then leave your thoughts below.


Nicki Minaj Wears All Moschino Everything For “Senile” Video (PHOTOS)
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