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Is America’s obsession with selfies getting out of control?

On Friday, a Snapchat selfie of a teen involved in Thursday’s deadly California bus crash went viral. The crash, which left 10 dead and dozens of others injured, was the result of a FedEx truck colliding with a bus full of students on their way to a college tour.

Jonathan Gutierrez, pictured above in his now infamous selfie, was one of those students.

He suffered cuts to his chin and right eyebrow in the crash, but escaped through the smashed window.

“When the impact hit, I flew from my seat to the seat in front of me and that caused the cut on my eyebrow. From there, I realized we were in a bad accident and the entire aisle was full of smoke, and that’s when students were trying to escape the tour bus. It was a very, like, surreal moment. I couldn’t believe it myself but it was happening.”

Both drivers from the bus and FedEx truck died, as well as eight others, including some of Gutierrez’s classmates. His injury-selfie is reminiscent of another taken by a student who was injured in Wednesday’s knife attack at a Pennsylvania high school:

And in other selfie news, a group of drivers stuck in traffic on a closed freeway in Los Angeles hopped out their vehicles to strike this pose in the name of boredom.

Thing is, a man had attempted suicide by trying to jump off the bridge just moments before. Authorities had to shut down the stretch of highway as police negotiated with the man not to jump.

The man was later brought down from the overpass.

But all three of these situations begs us to ask…do selfies make light of otherwise grave situations? Is it time to set some “Selfie Boundaries?”

Sound off below…

SOURCE: Daily Mail, KTLA, The Californian | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter

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