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Look, we already know that Photoshop and fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly. The practice of editing pictures beyond recognition comes as no shock, but even so, the images you are about to see are pretty damn eye-opening.

Back in December, Versace debuted their Spring 2014 ad campaign starring Lady Gaga, who had an uncanny resemblance to Donatella Versace herself, and we were all like, “Yaaaass, Gaga, yaass!” Now, unretouched photos from her shoot have emerged online that have us more like, “Yikessss!”

This is not to say that Lady Gaga is not a beautiful woman–she is. But the reality of photo manipulation is pretty damn ugly. For starters, in the hi-res, original images obtained by a fan site, she appears to have little to no makeup on at all, yet in the edited ads, she has a fully made up face that’s been painted on by a few strokes of the Photoshop brush. Not only that, but bruises on her legs have been removed, parts of her body have been slimmed and her wig was even brightened.

How the site got their hands on the photos is still unknown, but you can see the rest over at Gaga Fresh News.


The Uncanny Resemblance Of Donatella Versace & Lady Gaga (PHOTOS)
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