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There has been a third reported outbreak of the mumps and it occurred in Hoboken, New Jersey. 8 students at The Stevens Institute of Technology are all sick with the illness that has been previously thought of as long gone. According to reports, the students were all previously vaccinated with the mumps shot, since it is a requirement before attending the University. [Huffington Post]

While student loans become an ongoing issue for college students across the country, one man took it upon himself to pay his remaining $974 debt in pennies. Andrew Magbee had already paid the majority of the $25,000 tuition by himself, and finished paying the rest with 500 lbs. of pennies in order to make an example for other students, who he hopes to inspire. [WBLX Local]

Fox Executive Darlene Tipton was fired after violating the conduct code of communication while helping a charity for the victims of the missing Malaysia Flight. Her goal was to financially aid those effected by the flight’s disappearance, and she is now suing the company for wrongful termination. [USA Today]