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The boy who went on a stabbing spree, injuring 22 at Franklin Regional Center High School, is said to have been motivated to kill, according to authorities. New reports reveal that Alex Hribal was overheard saying “My work is not done. I have more people to kill.” The 16-year-old is currently being charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide, and it’s revealed that the attack had been planned for days via a chilling note he left behind. [NBC]

A man has been accused of stabbing a 3-year-old multiple times in the neck after knocking on his neighbor’s door. Jose Guillermo Molina has is known as the “cucuy”, which means “boogeyman”, because he has tons of tattoos on his face. When the family wouldn’t let him in the house, he targeted the 3-year-old. [Huffington Post]

Rapper Jovan Clayton – the man behind the hit song “Cat Daddy” – was recently released from jail, and the first thing he did was dance, and then brush his teeth in the parking lot. He told TMZ that he was accused of stealing someone’s phone at the LA nightclub 1OAK, but claims that he’s definitely innocent. [TMZ]

A recent map showing the country’s nerdiest states was released, and Utah made the top of the list! The criteria to determine the list included residents’ love for  as Star Trek, Harry Potter, anime, and more! [Estately]

A Russian spy ship has been spotted near Cuba, and it’s been roaming the waters of the Gulf Of Mexico and the East Coast during the last month. The Pentagon revealed that the vessels Viktor Leonov and Nikolay Chiker are traveling beyond American waters, near the coast of Cuba, and are part of an intelligence-gathering operation that targets the U.S. [Dailymail]