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Last year, Gawker published a very important piece about the rise of white-on-white violence in America. The piece brought to light a dilemma that has been plaguing predominantly white communities for years.

Despite the spotlight on that story, things only seem to have gotten worse. Making matters more dire, these acts of violence are being promoted by social media outlets like Twitter and Vine.

On early Monday morning, a video of two teenage girls fighting hit the ‘Net. In the clip, one of the young ladies grabs a shovel, the other girl starts to flee, and the girl throws the shovel she’s holding, hitting the other young lady in the back of the head and dropping her on the ground.

That video is eight minutes long. But there are only a couple of seconds that matter. And the young man who shot the video cut it up and threw it in a Vine:

In the span of hours, that Vine blew up, becoming a large part of the conversation during the morning-Twitter hours (overshadowing other important stories of the day, like the XXL Freshman list and that picture of Beyonce looking at Jay Z’s phone).

Black Twitter was particularly disturbed by the video. Wanting to spread awareness about white-on-white violence, folks started making their own Vines out of the original shovel Vine.

One Vine featured Lil Meatball, the master of the Yeet Dance:

Someone else from Black Twitter combined the Vine with clips of popular video games, like Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat:

Someone even added music to the Vine, mixing in Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d City:”

After the Vine went viral and the victim gained some fame (in an interview, she claimed she wanted to fight previous Internet sensation Sharkeisha) news came out that there would be a full investigation into the matter.

Positive steps. Hopefully this investigation leads to other acts of white-on-white violence on social media being addressed.

Lord knows we need the help.

Just yesterday, another series of Vines featuring white-on-white violence went viral. This Vine is particularly violent. It features one of the girls getting her nose broken:

She then gets hit with the Stone Cold Stunner:

And then finally, she ends up on her back, while punches pour on her:

These are just the latest examples.

One look at Twitter, and you’ll see Vines of white-girl-on-white-girl violence that spans months.

Vines that feature older women and weapons:

Young white girls with no weapons:

It’s so bad that there’s even groups of white girls fighting:

What’s important though is we realize what’s going on, and we continue to spread awareness.

Now here’s the shovel Vine combined with the #gratata sound in the back.

Swag, bitch.