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So, remember when Rihanna attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards in that “ghetto goth” getup of hers earlier this month? You know the one: that all-black ensemble she styled with stacks of silver accessories, emerald-green lips and bantu knots. While most people praised Ri for her fearless approach to fashion, a New-York based DJ is slamming the singer in the latest ‘bitch-stole-my-look’ scandal.

DJ Venus X began GHET20 GOTH1K in 2009 as “an underground party held in NYC turned movement based on freedom of expression.” Back in 2013, RiRi went punk (see: the mullet) and dubbed that fashion phase of her life as #ghettogoth, and Venus had this to say about it to Fader:

“It is not a fashion hashtag for Rihanna to use, who doesn’t come to the parties and has no political reference point, that’s for sure. GHE20 GOTH1K is extremely political. It’s not about expensive clothes.”

Now, with the media claiming Rihanna as the originator of the style, Venus X has had enough, and she took to social media to let us know how she really feels, calling the Bad Gal a” dumb industry sex slave bitch” who was “[collecting] coins and credit” for her brand on Twitter. But, she didn’t stop there. On Instagram, she announced she’s calling it quits due to the whole debacle:

Since E Online is now crediting #rihanna with #ghettogoth on national television and blogs abound continue to as well it’s safe to say this is the end. @GHE20G0TH1K was started in 2009 as a space for angry kids to play weird music and dress unlike anyone else. This is not a trend…it’s the result of being an Outkast in the hood. Scaring your Dominican parents with your German industrial obsession and weird peircings. Wanting revolution in the arts, government and fashion. If they will not accurately tell our story and let the brand grow into a worldwide alternative space for the weirdos of this generation, particularly minority youth, I no longer can pour all my money and time into this movement. No more #ghettogoth parties. No more djing for me. I do this all alone and don’t have the means to fight for the brand. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED OVER THE YEARS. LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Welp. What do you think? Drop us a comment down below.

SOURCE: Sway’s Universe | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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