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It’s been a while since a girl group has captured the hip-hop world by storm, but for the first time in a long time there’s hope in the form of Sincerely XO. That’s right; Vii, Jaz and JLa can do it all, including singing, rapping and dance.

The group stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to discuss their entry into the game, their dating life and the rumors they’re already facing, specifically Jaz being called LeBron James‘ mistress. It all started when a picture of Jaz and LeBron was posted on social media and the rumors started to fly, casting a small cloud over the group.

Jaz told Xilla:

“LeBron is my brother. I knew him since I was like 7. I guess you can’t be as fine as me and hang out with somebody like him, because they’re going to think you’re a mistress and I’m just not. It’s funny. I’m sure you guys thought it was entertainment, but we just thought it was funny.”

Aside from rumors, the group blessed us with their own cover of ‘Yonce! Check out the fun chat above, and be sure to catch their remix of Chris Brown’s “Loyal” as well.

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