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I think we can all agree…taking selfies has reached a precipice I’m not sure we can come back from. The world’s obsession with social media and getting that perfect self-portrait isn’t just a trend anymore — it’s a way of life.

And for many, documenting every moment of that life can have some dire consequences. Just ask these people:

Like that time Tampa Bay Rays sideline reporter Kelly Nash almost got her head knocked off by a flying baseball: 

(And thanked the “Angels In The Outfield” for saving her)

And those Iranian girls obsessed with hand hearts, karaoke and selfie videos got into a car crash:

And posted this other horrible selfie afterwards:

(You can watch the full video here)

That guy who got kicked in the head trying to take a selfie by a fast-moving train:

(and made a whole bunch of money off of it)

The girl who pissed off a camel:

And whoever this guys is:

Anyone who wasn’t smart about devices and how they work:

And this guy who thought he made a friend with a nutty squirrel:

(Squirrels = the Devil’s little workers)

People who aren’t aware of their surroundings:

And lastly…anyone who gets tackled mid-selfie:

(Lesson here? Selfie Safety First. ALWAYS.)

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Screengrab, Facebook