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Uh, yeah. It’s exactly what it sounds like. And we’re going to add this to a list of what NOT to wear to a music festival this summer (also on the list: headdresses, bindis, crop tops for men–unless you’re Kid Cudi).

But, if you’re searching for a way to wear your white privilege on your sleeve, then these shirts are for you. If you suffer from #whitepeopleproblems, T-shirt company Rap Shirts For White People has come up with a HI-LAR-IOUS way to help you convey your Caucasian complications on cotton because they get just how tough it is to be a white person out here in these streets, amirite?

For about $30, and you can purchase the shirts that are a play on popular rap lyrics. They’re all pun and games and are in no way offensive whatsoever, like “I got 99 problems but getting a cab ain’t one” or “Started from the top.” Or my personal favorite: “My self-respect brings all the boys to the yard.”

Because that one isn’t problematic AT ALL.

I get it–they’re supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. The one that reads “Bitch don’t spill my wine”? I LOL’d a little. I’m black but I can totes relate to that one. But, as for some of the other ones, I’m not laughing, because you know what’s not funny?

Covert racism.

So, are these offensive to you or nah? Sound off in the comment section down below.