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Let’s talk fashion.

It’s usually pretty easy. There are people that can dress; and there’s people that can’t dress.

But there are times where fashion can be hard. Where we’re not sure if the person who is involved can dress or not. It’s like they are above fashion.

For those who are kinda confused, there are two people who come to mind in the celebrity world: Gabrielle Union’s bae, Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade, and rapper Young Thug, one of the most exciting new voices in hip-hop.

These guys make fashion hard. Whenever we see them they are wearing an outfit that is nearly impossible to quantify. Folks on Twitter usually come with jokes, because, well, what else are they going to do? Fashion isn’t supposed to be this hard.

But trust us when we say these guys are visionaries, two people who are ahead of the pack.

That is why we decided to gather some of Young Thug and Dwyane Wade’s best looks and then play a game of who wore it better. Check it out below.

Denim Gods

Do you prefer how Young Thug’s use of a leopard dress with his jeans, or…

…DWade’s use of undone overalls?

Swagged Out Jackets

Are you feeling Wade’s Gilligan’s Island sailor jacket?

Or, are you more of a fan of Thugga Thugga’s pimped out top?

All-Red Everything 

Do you love Young Thug’s bright red sweat suit? (Watch out Mark Cuban.)

Or are you rocking with Wade’s red/orange outfit?

Suit & No Ties

Would you rather Thug’s mixed matched sailor suit?

Or Dwyane Wade’s snug blue suit from last summer?

Man Enough To Wear Floral

Would you rather cop DWade’s groovy multi-colored floral button up?

Or do you think Young Thug’s blue and pink, short-sleeved floral shirt is the wave?

Moving Past Denim

Are you rocking with Wade’s bright pink pants?

Or are you more a fan of Thug’s gaudy Burberry print pants?

White After Labor Day

Is Thug’s just-got-into-heaven outfit better?

Or are you more of a fan of Wade’s suit with shorts?

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter