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Mouthwatering or nauseating?

That’s something Pizza Hut customers in Japan will have to figure out for themselves after eating the pizza giant’s newly released concoction.

According to Kotaku, Pizza Hut announced its special collaboration with Morinaga to create the Morinaga Milk Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza. The candy company will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and apparently wants to make a big statement.

According to the sweet peddlers:

“Morinaga Milk caramel and marshmallow pizza is more than colorful. The sweet smell like Creperie was spread all over the pizza topped with green, red, white marshmallows, roasted almonds and caramel topping. The crust is also filled with cheddar cheese to better suit the pizza.”

The pizza will be available to customers until June 30 in Japan, but you can always make the dish yourself…if you dare.

SOURCE: Kotaku | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout  

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