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A Florida resident is joining the graduating class of 2014; 71 years after missing his chance to receive his high school diploma.

According to WFTV, 90-year-old Jack Koolik achieved his dream of completing his high school education after dropping out to fight in World War II in 1942.

With the help of his daughter, Koolik joined a special program that allows veterans to enroll in high school if they were honorably discharged or in Koolik’s case, left school to join the military.

Jack Koolik graduated from Darnell Cookman High School in Jacksonville on Monday evening. He left his New York high school 71 years ago to join the U.S. Army Air Corps, which became the U.S. Air Force.

Koolik was presented his diploma by his daughter. He talked to reporters about his feelings during the touching ceremony.

“Wonderful. It’s like a dream world. I can’t believe I’m up on the stage,” Koolik said.

Congrats to Mr. Koolik on his joyous achievement!