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World Cup mania has been running rampant across the globe over the past week.

The world’s largest sporting event is officially going down in Brazil, and so is the hotness. We’re not talking about Brazil’s humid tropical climate, we’re talking about the players.

Last night, millions of fútbol fans around the world tuned in to watch the United States play west African nation Ghana. If you’re familiar with soccer, you know there’s a narrative surrounding the United States and the global sport of fútbol.

For starters, America gets a lot of flack for renaming the age-old sport of fútbol, “soccer,” and why “they” (whoever they is) claim soccer isn’t an “American” sport (whatever that means).

Well, last night we proved American naysayers wrong by defeating Ghana in a very close match 2-1. While the win matters, we also want to highlight the other “thing” that matters – how fine the players are.

So we rounded up 17 pictures of players from both teams looking hot, sweaty, and fine as hell.

Enjoy the beautiful specimens below, and go #TEAMUSA!


The Hottest Players From #TeamUSA & Ghana’s Soccer Teams (PHOTOS)
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