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Like every other woman on the planet, we black girls obsess over our hair, nails, makeup, and other beauty woes that just come with being a girl.

But then there are times when specific needs have to be met…and meeting them is a frustration all our own.

From hunting down the perfect foundation, to explaining the intricate art of hair weave (or why your hair grows out your head the way it does) to strangers, the struggle is real out here.

So take a look at some of those #blackgirlproblems. And remember. No, you cannot touch my hair.


Like taking out your weave & hearing “OMG! You cut your hair!”

Flesh colored band-aids.

Making a 10 a.m. hair appointment and leaving the salon at 4 p.m.

Not wanting to sleep or shower when your hair is fresh because it’s the end of your cute look.

Your hips are a size 6 and your waist is a size 4. #HipsDontLie

To work out or to preserve your edges?…That is the question.

The “dark” shade of foundation actually isn’t dark at all.

Wash day…enough said.

Your hair is responsible for the assault and battery of a comb or two.

When you’re in the club at 1 a.m. thinking, “Damn, I have to twist my hair when I get home!”

You buy a neutral eyeshadow palette…every shade just blends in.

Painting your nails red & thinking “is this color too grown?” #BigMamaTaughtYou

Your legs are the shade of a powdered donut in a pair of “skin tone” L’eggs pantyhose.

Wanting to wear a cute beanie, but it won’t fit on top of your hair.

That gap in the back of your jeans.

That raggedy side-piece scarf you have, just in case you misplace your cute one.

When the bronzer blush you bought just….shimmers.

Your fear of being called “ratchet” overshadows your obsession with the blue/pink/purple ombre hair trend.

You bought that Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick…but see, the way your brown skin is set up…

Oh well, we still rock.

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