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Beyoncé. She’s just the gift that keeps on giving.

Just when we thought this summer couldn’t get any better now that her and Jay Z’s On the Run Tour is on the road, Queen Bey has blessed us all yet again by releasing even more merchandise for the Beyhive to buzz about.

When the question is can you ever have too much Bey paraphernalia, the answer is always no. This morning, Beyoncé pulled a Beyoncé and treated us all to a new 13-piece collection of unisex clothing full of references to what is pretty much the best album of all time.

Before you rush over to her online shop here (no seriously, because this stuff is going to sell out), check out some of our favorites down below.

Blow Emoji Tee – $40

Miss Third Ward Tee – $40

Cake By the Pound Sweatshirt – $64

Editor’s Note: My birthday is coming up next month, and this sweatshirt is on my wish list. Just saying.

PHOTO CREDIT: Parkwood Entertainment

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