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Unfortunately, “post-racial America” has taken another step back after a clothing company willingly allowed its retail stores to display a t-shirt with a monkey body on a black toddler.

According to a source from Jezebel, all hangers with the children’s faces and graphic t-shirts were delivered in separate boxes, leaving the final display decisions up to the various stores. Although the company Just Add A Kid didn’t technically pair the two products together, the fact that the possible combination was made optional for retailers was concerning to customers.

The clothing company released a statement on its Twitter account, denying any involvement in the inappropriate display:

“The widely distributed and inappropriate picture of a mismatched ‘Just Add A Kid’ hanger with one of our t-shirt products was not authorized, condoned or tolerated by our company. We sincerely regretted this occurrence and immediately directed our retail partner to change the product training placement. “

The company has also taken precautionary efforts to avoid this event from happening again. Let’s hope they learned a valuable lesson about allowing others to do their product placement. To read the full Just Add A Kid statement, take a look at the post they uploaded to Twitter.

SOURCE: Jezebel | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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