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Young Thug is one of the reason’s The Atl’s hip-hop scene is surviving. One may ask, “what makes him so special?” Well outside of the fact that his style is unique and he’s a fresh face, he’s actually dope. I liken him to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard in that there’s no father to his style. Peep his latest track “Lifestyle” off that Thugger Thugger’s 1017 Thug 2 Mixtape.

Months back when the artist Future was prepping his latest album, I heard about a dope track with Nicki Minaj that might not make the album due to sample issues. This week though it found its way into the blogisphere. The track “Rock Star” is heat. This record has huge potential. George Michael, what wrong with you bro?

When I first heard Nipsey Hussle’s classic “Hussle In The House,” I didn’t think anyone could come up with a better way to sample the Kriss Kross song “Jump.” Then this week I heard Eric Bellinger’s latest “I want Her” featuring none other then Jermaine Dupri. It samples the iconic “Jump” record. It’s fitting as J.D. tributes this to Daddy Mack (R.I.P).

The Bay Area’s impact on hip hop music is stifling. It seems like every year for the last 5 or so years it’s either been a hot new artist or a break out song coming from NoCal. “Bitch I Look Good” the new party track from Kool John and his homie P-Lo looks to be no different. It’s catchy. It’s ratchet. But it could be the record that puts Kool John and his HBK movement on hip-hop’s worldwide Doppler.

Maybach Music Group is more than a collection of rappers. They all have unique styles that are completely different but blend well when teamed together. Take this new Wale record “The Followers.” This is some dope classic boom bap sounding ish… a little different from the current stash of MMG hits. This probably won’t be anything for the masses, better yet for the fans and ‘The Followers” of Wale.