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Killa Season is in full effect.

Cam’ron comes through with a brand new music video for his track “So Bad,” featuring Nicki Minaj. The song was originally released in 2012, but now features fresh verses from Killa and a new one from Nicki, and will be on the second installment of Cam’s First Of The Month EP series.

The Antwan Smith-directed video shows Cam’ron trying to close the deal on a lavish new $20,000-per month apartment, while Nicki Minaj plays the reluctant homeowner. With the silly storyline and low-budget-ish green screen production, it’s difficult to tell if Cam’ron is trolling– regardless, Cam’s diddy bop and Nicki’s sass never get any less entertaining.

Cam’s First Of The Month Vol.1 is now available on iTunes. Stay tuned for Volume 2 coming on August 1st, and watch the new video for “So Bad” above.


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