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Kanye West. He’s a man with so much controversy surrounding his name. Some people will call him the creative genius of our time, and others will call him straight up self-centered and way too narcissistic.

Last year, Mr. West released an album that abruptly shook the hip-hop community – and to this day, is the most talked about album of 2013 – Yeezus. From Kanye’s Twitter announcement of the release date, the album became highly anticipated by people all around the world. When it was finally heard, Kanye’s fan base split in half. One side consisted of the people who adored the album and Kanye’s idea for growth and change in hip-hop culture. The other side consisted of the people who hated the album, saying there was no real content and it wasn’t “real rap music.”

So it’s a year later and what’s next? Yeezus 2. And although some people might call Yeezus a disaster, we are all anxious to hear its sequel, and there are several reasons why.

1. After having such a split in his fan base, it is really interesting to see Yeezy’s musical response to it all.

Kanye is known to make music that reacts to societal issues, especially on the last album. It will be interesting to see how Kanye responds to all this controversy around his name. And especially to hear all of his well-known rants on a beat.

2. It will continue to be a part of Kanye’s plan for change.

In a recent GQ interview, Kanye says: “Obviously certain things are more digestible for mass consumption. But it was interesting.”

Kanye is aware that what he’s doing isn’t going to be instantly loved by the public, but that’s the whole point of making a change and starting this revolution of rap music. What Kanye creates today, he’s hoping becomes a time capsule, and is never forgotten in the future.

3. There are rumors that he’s working with James Blake, French Montana, Tyga, Q-Tip, James Fauntleroy, DJ Mustard, and Mike Will Made it.

That list in itself sounds like a wide variety of artists of different genres. It may originally come off as awkward and weird, but looking at Kanye’s collaborations over his past seven albums, he’s proven that collaborating with these different genres creates music that is absolutely appealing to the ears.

4. Kanye can arguably be titled one of the greatest producers of all time.

Kanye West has produced beats for hip-hop greats like Jay Z for years, and almost all of his albums are produced wonderfully. When news surfaced that Kanye will be working with Rick Rubin once again for Yeezus 2, fans grew anxious. Yeezus 2 will have a promising amount of soul samples along with Kanye-styled darkness we can’t wait to hear.

5. It’s a Kanye album.

No matter what’s happened in the past, this is Kanye West we’re talking about. We have to admit that when Kanye releases something, there is some serious hype to follow. This is the man who brought us My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Graduation, and a list of classic albums. Whether it’s Yeezus 2 or another project – because it’s coming from Mr. West, everyone wants to hear it.


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