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If you’ve ever “shopped while black,” you’ve been here before.

Sick of white employees following him around in convenience stories, Vine user Rashid Polo decided to clap back at their racist assumption that he was stealing in one of the best ways we’ve seen in a while. Using his phone, Rashid caught the employees checking him out — employees who attempted to look busy rearranging chips, cleaning up the coffee station, and just keeping an eye on the store.

But they weren’t. Everyone he caught was keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn’t steal any products. His reply after catching them on camera?

“She thinks I’m stealing! She thinks I’m stealing!”

And yes, the employees would slink away, embarrassed after being put on major blast. But Rashid, whose collection of “following” Vines no doubt makes us laugh, isn’t dismissing the gravity of black men being profiled in stores. He tweeted about the common experience on Twitter.

Check out another of Rashid’s disheartening but eye-opening experiences here:

SOURCE: Vine, Twitter

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