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The Jacksonville Jaguars are standing strong alongside their teammate Justin Blackmon. The 24-year-old wide receiver has had several arrests within the past few years, including this week’s weed possession bust. Wide end player Marcedes Lewis expresses his support toward his teammate saying, “I want to let him know he has our support. He doesn’t have to be embarrassed. We’re here for him.” During this week’s arrest, reports were saying that the cop who arrested Blackmon was aggressive but according to the footage, Blackmon was “fully cooperative and compliant.” [TMZ]

This is a good example of a “face-palm” moment. A Manchester Crown Court judge allegedly fell asleep during a child rape trial, forcing the jury to be dismissed. Judge Philip Cattan is currently being investigated for falling asleep during a victim’s cross-examination. Because the judge fell asleep, the trial of John Quigley, the man accused of sexually assaulting two young girls, has been postponed. [Gawker]

A 6-year-old boy named Alex Pring was born without an arm and thanks to 3-D printing and incredible engineer students, he was able to get a prosthetic arm for only $350. Normally, it costs roughly around $40,000 for a prosthetic limb. Click here to watch the incredible story of the young boy —> [Gossip Cop]

His spidey senses were definitely not tingling. A street entertainer dressed as Spiderman was arrested after allegedly hitting a police officer who told him to stop harassing tourists in Times Square this weekend. 25-year-old Junior Bishop was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief. The police stepped in after Bishop demanded $5 from a woman, instead of the $1 she offered. [Daily Mail]

A video of a Florida college dropout, believed to be the first American to carry out a suicide attack in Syria, has surfaced the internet. The footage, which was released Friday by an al-Qaeda-linked group fighting Syria, shows Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha speaking about wanting to die. The 22-year-old who lived in South Florida, says in the video, “I want to rest in the afterlife, in heaven. There is nothing here and the heart is not resting. Heaven is better. When people die they either go to heaven or hell. There is happiness beyond explanation.” Our prayers go out to Moner’s family. [Daily Mail]


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