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A lack of smarts led two women to walk alongside working railroad tracks, but quick thinking helped them get away with their lives.

According to Fox 59, two women from Indianapolis were walking along a railroad track when a train quickly approached. With nine inches separating them from death, the women hid underneath the train.

On July 10, the women were walking on the railroad tracks on the Shuffle Creek Trestle, a bridge over Lake Lemon about ten miles northeast of Bloomington, when they noticed a train was coming toward them.

The engineer of the lead locomotive spotted them as the train came around a curve at 30 mph. The bridge is about 500 feet long and 80 feet high, and the women had nowhere to go.

One of the women suffered injuries to her toes. The police have now looked into the case and are deeming it a criminal investigation.

Indiana Railroad Company’s Tom Hoback says he’s never seen an incident this bizarre in his entire career.

“The consequences of trespassing on railroad-owned property are never taken seriously by those choosing to do so, and this incident at Lake Lemon is one of the most glaring examples I’ve seen in more than 40 years in this business,” Hoback said.

Walking on train tracks, that’s one thing. Walking on a train track bridge with nowhere to run? These ladies definitely had angels in the outfield.

SOURCE: Fox 59 | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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