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It’s no secret that Adrienne Bailon wants to move on from her Kardashian past (hence that infamous tattoo removal), but the K sisters are so over her bashing their brother Rob Kardashian. Rob and Adrienne dated and broke up back in 2009, but like most Kardashian fans, it seems as though Adrienne hasn’t forgotten about the split.

After dishing to Latina magazine about her new relationship, her breakup with Rob, and her appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Khloe took to social media to clap back. Even usually tight-lipped Kourtney added her two cents by tweeting:

STILL talking about us?!

But before the Bailon/Kardashian blowup, the girls were super close. Even after Adrienne and Rob split, she was still spotted hanging out with the Kardashian and Jenner girls. That raises questions like: Is Adrienne still bitter about the breakup? Or are the Kardashians misunderstanding her intentions?

We’re not sure if Adrienne will respond to the sisters’ tweets, but we’ve put together a nostalgic gallery of Adrienne Bailon with the Kardashians back when she was just a Cheetah Girl and Rob was a young, slim, college grad. Check it out below.


16 Pics Of Adrienne Bailon With The Kardashians During Happier Times (PHOTOS)
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