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It’s summer, the time of year when most of your favorite shows go on break until the fall.

Yeah, it sucks, because after looking at the TV Guide schedule and trying to find something actually decent to watch, we end up looking like Mike Woodson after a bad Knicks loss.

A couple of days ago, Kerry Washington reminded us that all that’s about to change. In fact, Boardwalk Empire comes back on in a little over a month on September 7, Scandal returns on September 25, and The Walking Dead returns on October 12th.

No need to be angry Forest, we should all rejoice.

Television is about to get good again. But how does one survive until your favorite shows come back with new episodes? Well, we got you covered…

1. Remain focused by watching your favorite shows over and over again on Netflix or on their channel’s website.

2. Take up a hobby with your extra time, like dancing, crafts, or painting portraits of previous selfies you took on Instagram.

3. Take this time to start watching a new show. You might like it.

If a new show isn’t your thing, try the following…

4. Take advantage of the hot weather and go swimming with your dogs.

5. Be extremely entertained by watching Rob Ford on a seesaw.

6. Bother other people while they watch their own shows, you know, those weird reality ones that come on in the summer.

7. Whatever you decide to do, you’re going to have to wait. So perfect that Mr. Burns finger twiddle. Like this guy: 


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