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When you think of dreaming big, what do you imagine? Do you see your goals or steps that have no ending?

As we get older, we have a better idea of what we want out of life. If it’s owning your own home, car or just being able to pay 0.000000001 percent of your student loans, it’s still a dream to you.

While on the journey with Nissan’s BLVD of Dreams series, we’ve learned about the big dreamers in music and entertainment, but what about you? No fear; with the following tips, you can learn how to take your goals to the next level. When you step outside your comfort zone, you’re that much closer to your dreams.

Finding Your Purpose

Dreaming big starts with you. If you have a goal or an idea, write it down along with what you’d like to achieve. How can the dream help you grow? Whatever your dream consists of, make sure you do it for you and no one else. It will help lead to a good perspective on life in the future.

The Enchanting Pyramid 

You have your goals written down. Now what? Take the time out to access your goals on levels of importance. A pyramid is often used within dieting and storytelling, so using it for self-growth will help make things less cluttered. Take the most important things and place them at the top (if they aren’t already) and place the goals that you believe are more attainable at the bottom. What do your biggest dreams look like? If they don’t seem challenging enough, think bigger! Nothing comes to you easy without a little hard work.

Questions, Questions and more Questions

It doesn’t hurt to ask questions. If you want to have your own place in a year, search for a realtor, talk to family members or your friends about different areas. The same goes for jobs. You may not realize it, but social interaction can help you find out the best information, since it’s first-hand advice. Google doesn’t have all the answers!


Don’t liken your goals to achieving happiness. We often find out the hard way that placing happiness as a goal can push us even further away than we think. June Gruber, Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder, says people should enjoy the feeling of being happy rather than pushing for it as a daily goal.

“If your spotlight is so strongly focused on how you can become happy, that actually backfires, paradoxically, and people report feeling less happy the more they try to pursue it,” explained Gruber. “Don’t focus on the pursuit of happiness; focus on other people, things you’re grateful for and doing things for others as opposed [for] yourself.”

Loving your friends and appreciating the things you have in front of you can give you a better attitude. Who knows? Maybe you will end up finding a clearer path to your goals.


When you dream big, you have to get some actual sleep, too. Creating a consistent sleep schedule can help with your overall brain function and protect against cognitive brain issues. While the average is 7-8 hours of sleep a night, it’s solely up to you and your own body. Check out the video above for great tips on catching some z’s.


Dreaming big seems spontaneous, but it’s nothing without a little fine-tuning. Some of the most successful people in the world follow a very strict schedule. Folks like Margaret Thatcher woke up at 5 a.m., CEO of Disney Bob Iger is up everyday at 4 a.m., etc. Getting an early start can help with the overall workflow of your day. The early hours also give you a better reflection of things and help promote proactive ideas.


It seems like big goals are out of your reach, but it’s nothing a little confidence can’t fix! Take deep breaths and give yourself a prep talk. Believing in yourself and your goals can help you get far. At the end of the day, your future is in your hands. Take control of it.