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Tiny isn’t one to hold anything back and that trait mixes pretty well with The Breakfast Club.

The T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle reality tv star and “What The Fuck You Gon Do” singer sat down with Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy this week, and she addressed nearly every issue the public has been wanting to know more about.

Tiny not only talked about her troubled marriage to “trouble man” T.I. and some of the problems they have been publicly facing, but she also made it a point to address the beef with rapper Azealia Banks.

She told the crew:

“Who is she, first of all? Who is she to be talking about anybody? She’s not looking like anything. Bottom of my shoe, and that looks a little better. She’s just mad. Get your own. Don’t try to live off my name. Iggy Azalea is really who you mad at. It’s really all about Iggy. … I don’t really get what the beef is. Well, I do ’cause Iggy’s doing her thing.”

Fortunately, on her marriage front, her and T.I. are back together despite all of the whispers of separation, so hopefully we’ll get another great season of their reality show!

Check out Tiny’s telling interview above!

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