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New Hampshire Rep. Kyle Tasker is a real troll.

No, he really is. The Republican state legislator has already been called out for his less than tasteless Facebook posts about domestic violence, race, and black women, so it’s no surprise that his latest stab for laughs is raising eyebrows.

On Wednesday, Tasker posted his reason for wanting to join the National Black Caucus in a Facebook post expressing disbelief that the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council had hosted the group at ALEC’s annual meeting in Dallas.

Really dude? Because you like rap music? Nelly’s “Country Grammar” (which he linked in the post) to be exact?

The Huffington Post contacted Tasker to question his ridiculous comment. When reached on his cellphone, he said “No, thank you,” and hung up.

He later sent an email to clarify his comments, saying, “There is too much division by race rather than by ideological belief.”

Just to recall, this is the same guy who posted this and refused to apologize:

But his antics haven’t gone unnoticed.

A New Hampshire progressive advocacy group said Tasker’s latest comments indicate he is “too immature to serve as an elected official.”

“Kyle Tasker has proven time and again that he is unfit to represent New Hampshire values,” Zandra Rice Hawkins, Granite State Progress’ executive director, said in a statement to HuffPost on Friday. “His latest racist remark only continues his pattern of blatant racism and sexism, and his decision earlier this year to make a sexually explicit joke about victims of domestic violence shows he is too immature to serve as an elected official. Tasker’s comments have been fodder in the national news more than once, but voters can put an end to this embarrassment by voting him out of office in November.”

That was a read. Let’s see what happens come voting season.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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