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So this happened.

A Georgia teacher was fired from her position after a group of 14-year-old students took naked selfies from her cell phone and posted them online.

The school board voted to fire Lekeshia Jones, 34, last week for not properly handling the incident. She claims, however, she was wrongfully terminated from Myers Middle School in Savannah. Jones is now suing her local school board.

The teenage girls found the teacher’s stash of naked selfies before taking pictures of them to send to friends and post online, WTOC-TV reported.

But Jones didn’t know what happened until a month later, when one of the girls confessed to the prank.

“I feel like I was the victim,” Jones told the news station.

“Like I had been violated…You don’t get rid of an educator because of what some children did to the educator,” said Jones.

According to WTOC, the teenagers posted the naked selfies to a page called “Thots for Myers.” The site was taken down after it was reported, but WTOC found a similar site called “Myers Thots.” It is not immediately clear if the newer site is related to the original site.

The students gained access to her phone after Jones shared her password with the class for students to call home — a move the Savannah-Chatham school board deemed irresponsible.

From the NY Daily News:

They also claim Jones did not immediately report the nude photo leak and tried to track down the culprits on her own.

The district officials said they removed Jones from the middle school pending an investigation and she failed to report to her new post for three weeks.

And when Jones did begin working at another middle school, she left her cell phone unattended and it was stolen by a student.

Jones maintains that her only crime was trusting her students.

“Whatever is in my phone is my business,” Jones said.

“There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone.”

In addition to suing the school board, Jones plans on pressing charges against the 14-year-old students involved in the incident.


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