He’s an actor, a DJ, a new daddy and apparently a chef, but today, Idris Elba is adding one more thing to that list by becoming the cover star of Details magazine—and for that, Details, we thank you.

He just made headlines for his “mic wire,” and here he is again, “arousing” our “curiosity” with his latest feature in the glossy’s September issue:

“Do I make you nervous with my knife?” asks Idris Elba, playfully brandishing a big shiny blade.

Welllll, that’s one way to start an article, titled “The Undeniable, Indescribable Appeal Of Idris Elba.” Indescribable? We know exactly why he’s appealing, just by looking at the photos from his spread:

His eyes.

His lips.


His chest.

Shall we go on?

You can read the full interview over at Details now, or just sit and stare at his pictures for a few more moments.


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