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Strange things go on in Florida.

Most recently, a Manatee County Deputy Sheriff spotted a man and woman having sex in a parking lot right outside of a Beef O’ Brady’s restaurant.

42-year-old April Newcomb and 20-year-old Brandon Tinyes were caught naked from the waist down in the parking lot, doing the “do” inside of a car, according to The Smoking Gun. The sheriff said that both parties came clean about the situation, admitting that they were just two friends “having sex.”

Both Tinyes and Newcomb were charged with exposure of sexual organs and lewd and lascivious behavior. Newcomb, a Bradenton resident, remains locked up in county jail, with a $620 bond while Tinyes bailed out of custody on August 13th.

Cougars got to have a little fun too, we guess.

SOURCE: Complex, The Smoking Gun 

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