Erykah Badu is basically a unicorn placed here on earth to steal our hearts and souls with her beautiful voice, piercing green eyes, and voluptuous lady lumps. And we’re not complaining.

If you would’ve asked us 10 years ago whether we thought Erykah Badu would participate in social media shenanigans, we would’ve said “hell to the nah” faster than Whitney Houston (RIP Whit). But surprisingly, Erykah Badu is very present and very funny on social media.

When she’s not crashing live news broadcastings, Erykah Badu’s posting hilarious Vines under the alias of “Manuela Maria Mexico.” Don’t ask us why her Vine name is Manuela Maria Mexico, because we don’t know, but we know that Erykah’s life seems like the best thing ever. Oh, and her kids are awesome.

Here are all the reasons why we love Erykah Badu’s Vine…

She does magic tricks with her kids.

She sips tea while listening to Drake.

She says weird shit like this.

And she kicks it with Bruce Lee.

Not to mention, Erykah drives around with her son Seven, who wears a horse head for fun. Yes, a horse head.

And like so many other parents in America, Erykah is thoroughly tired of hearing her children sing “Let It Go” from the film Frozen.

Speaking of children, Erykah’s kids are hilarious.

And when they drive her crazy, Erykah makes them pee their pants by “zerberting” them to death.

Did we mention that she does a bunch of weird shit on her Vine?

And that her kids are too damn cute?


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